Canton's Town Square at Cherry Hill Village

February 2024 Update

Thanks to extensive input from the Canton Community, business owners, the Planning Commission and Township Board, the Town Square at Cherry Hill is moving closer to becoming a reality.

Cherry Hill Update - phase 1 drawing

The Canton Town Square project will feature a reimagined Village Square, a robust trail system for connectivity and convenience, arts and culture partnerships, additional public parking, renovation of the Village Arts Factory building, a new park on the Village Arts Factory Campus, Preservation Park improvements, year-round programming, wayfinding and more. The Canton Town Square at Cherry Hill Village will be a regional destination, and a gathering space for the entire community.  

This concept will be included in the overall Master Plan for the Township, as well as goals and objectives for the entire Cherry Hill Village area. You can learn more about Canton's Master Plan here.

In August of 2023, Canton Township officially acquired the parcel located at 50525 Cherry Hill Road.  After the completion of some minor site work and remediation, the existing structure was removed in anticipation of the next steps. Designs are currently in process to convert this area to add additional public parking to the Cherry Hill Village area, and to prepare the area along Cherry Hill Road for future development. Simultaneously, the detention ponds adjacent to Concord Park and located west of the Canton's Human Services Building are being incorporated into design of the Cherry Hill Village Square. This park-like setting will be a welcoming area for visitors, providing connectivity, gathering spaces, and hosting community events. Construction in these areas is expected to begin in 2024.  

Preservation Park (500 N. Ridge Road)

In 2024, Preservation Park will undergo significant investment, featuring improvements to many of the existing, historic structures on site. These improvements will help preserve Canton landmarks such as the Bartlett-Travis House, Palmer Shed, Corn Crib, Chicken Coop, and Historical Society Barn, among others. In addition to these improvements, in late 2024 a large Farmers Market Event pavilion will be constructed on the former site of the Cady-Boyer Barn, which was lost in a tragic fire in 2021. This new structure will help capitalize on one of Cherry Hill Village's most popular attractions, the Canton Farmers Market held each Sunday, mid-May to mid-October.  This new structure will also provide space for community events and be available to the public. Through the park renovation, additional improvements include expanded green space, parking re-configuration, increased accessibility and connectivity of existing amenities.  

Village Arts Factory (50755 Cherry Hill Road)

In late 2023, Canton acquired the Village Arts Factory Campus which includes the Village Arts Factory Warehouse, the Veteran’s Dormitory, the Corner Factory Building, and woodlands. Plans are in place for the Partnership for the Arts and its numerous warehouse tenants to continue their dedicated work to providing outstanding arts and wellness services. In the summer of 2024, Canton will begin construction on the corner Factory Building. Through extensive planning, the interior of the site will become a community center that will offer daily programs for teens, therapeutic recreation, health & wellness, arts and community events. The beautiful two-story facility will include multi-purpose rooms, a kitchen and amenities to meet the diverse needs of community.