Priority Based Budgeting Transparency Dashboard

The Charter Township of Canton entered into a contract with ResourceX for its Priority Based Budgeting (PBB) product in March, 2022. Following several months of implementation, the Township's Open PBB community-facing data dashboard was launched in December, 2023.

The dashboard provides community members with an opportunity to see how funds and resources are being allocated across the Charter Township of Canton’s departments and shows how departmental programs align with the Township’s identified priorities and goals. Citizens can click on the information icon in the bottom right corner of the header image in Open PBB for a walkthrough of the dashboard.  

While PBB doesn’t replace the Township's traditional budgeting process, it increases transparency for residents and provides a new approach to the Township's budget decision making. Township officials plan to use the PBB data to make important decisions during budget deliberations, and, over the years, work will be done to improve the data and resource alignment in order to achieve the Township’s long-term strategic goals. The data will also be used to make important decisions that result in cost efficiencies and prioritization of resources.

PBB is a recognized best practice and budgeting tool used by more than 200 cities, counties, school districts, and non-profit organizations across the country. Community members can learn more about PBB at

chart showing board goals