Building & Inspection Services

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PLEASE NOTE: Canton Township does not require an HOA Approval from local HOA's prior to issuing residential permits. It is the responsibility of the Permit Applicant and Property Owner to obtain all necessary approvals from their HOA's prior to any construction taking place.

Canton Township will not issue permit refunds for permits reviewed, issued and then cancelled due to HOA requirements.

Canton's ​Building Division is part of the Municipal Services Department.  To learn more about MSD and what it does, click here.

Below are Building's most commonly requested documents:
  1. General Information
  2. Commercial Information
  3. Submittal Checklists
  1. Residential Information
  2. Rental Program Owner Info
  3. Rental Program Tenant Info

OnLine Portal 

Applicants can now see the status of their plan reviews via our online portal clicking the link above. After selecting the shortcut, enter the project address or permit number and the most recent application will be at the top of the list. The status can be seen here or for more detailed information select “permit status”. It is there that you can see the progress of individual reviews and inspection results.

Status categories are as follows:

Pending: Applications and plans have been distributed and are in queue to be reviewed

In Plan Check: Plans are actively being reviewed, individual reviews will be visible when completed

Returned for corrections: Once all reviews are complete, requested revisions are sent to the applicant via standard mail and /or email.

Awaiting processing: The plans have been approved and are waiting to be processed. Permit clerks will notify applicants by email and/or phone that the permit is ready for issuance. Outstanding permit fees are given at this time.

Issued: Permit has been issued. Permits will be mailed out if the application was received by mail.

*We try to review plans by the Estimated Completion Date but keep in mind it may change depending on the volume of applications submitted at any given time. (spring and summer months are the busiest.)


The Building and Inspection Services Division is responsible for ensuring that township standards for local building codes, ordinances, and construction are met. In 2015, staff launched the "Residential Rental Inspection Program" which involves inspecting rented units (about 2,000 homes and 8,000 apartment) in the community to ensure the health, safety and wellness of the tenants. The division also issues multiple fence, pool, plumbing, mechanical, compliance, electrical, and other miscellaneous permits.

Obtaining a Permit

Many home improvements require a building permit (PDF) from Canton's Building and Inspection Services Division. Before making any additions or improvements to property in the township, it is important to check if any permits are required for the project. The Master Deed or Covenants and Restrictions should also be checked, as there may be some restrictions that apply for a particular development.

Many homeowners' associations may also have an Architectural Review Committee that serves as the review board for any projects that affect the property. This committee usually requires a sketch of proposed projects for their review. Once they grant approval the approved drawing with signature(s) need to be brought to the Building and Inspection Services Division to accompany the permit application.