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Notice of Handguns to be Destroyed

The handguns listed below are scheduled to be destroyed on or after April 10, 2019.  Anyone claiming to own a gun on the list needs to contact the Police Department's Property Officer at 734/394-5432 prior to April 10 to file a claim of ownership.

SPECIAL NOTICE:  Intent to dispose of firearm

The Canton Police Department is in possession of two handguns described below.  These handguns will be transferred to the department if no individual(s) claim ownership within in 30 days, or March 24, 2019.  To file a claim of ownership contact the Property Officer at 734/394-5432.

  • Glock 26, Model G26 Serial #PXU587
  • Glock 19, Model G19 Serial #TRX618

Property Auction

The Property Auction date has been changed to March 13, 2019, from 8 am - 9 pm, online @

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Canton is committed to the dissemination of timely information to the community.  As an informed citizen you can prepare, act or react accordingly oftentimes as the eyes and ears of the department.  Information on emergencies or relevant criminal activity will be relayed through the following media:

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