A Closer Look at your Winter Tax bill

Winter Tax statement Explanation

2017 Winter Tax Statements will be arriving in your mailboxes on December 1.  The following is an explanation of each line item that appears on your bill:

RESA ISD:  Regional Educational Service Agency-Intermediate School District.  5.4643 This millage is comprised of two parts:  RESA operations and County Voted Special Education.  The operational portion is .0965 mills, while the County Voted is comprised of three special elections that occurred in 1977, 1988, and 2002 totaling 3.3678 mills. These are all permanent millage.  Additionally, an enhancement millage went before the voters in 2017 for a 2.000 mill increase.  This passed and will expire in 2021.

WAYNE COUNTY:  .9897 mills.  This millage is comprised of an extra voted upon millage of .9529 and a Veteran’s relief millage of .0368.  The “extra voted millage” does require approval periodically, while the veterans relief millage does not expire. 

JAIL:  Wayne County Jail .9381 In 2011 voters approved a millage that allowed Wayne County to levy millage for Jail operations. This millage does require approval periodically. 

HCMA:  Huron Clinton Metropolitan Authority .2146  In 1939 voters approved allowing the Metroparks to levy millage for capital development and operations. This is a permanent millage.

WC PARKS:  Wayne County Parks .2459. In 2010 voters renewed this millage to improve and operate Hines Park, Elizabeth Park, Chandler Park and Fort Wayne Park. This millage requires periodic approval by voters.

TOWNSHIP:  Canton – 1.3660 In 1961 voters approved Canton becoming a Charter Township.  According to the Charter Township Act, Canton can levy up to 5.0 mills for general Township purposes (contingent on the Headlee Amendment).  The millage is set annually by the Township board to cover operating costs of the township. This is a permanent millage.

POLICE:  Canton Police Department 5.6760 In a special election in 1977 voters approved a Special Assessment on the whole township to support a local police department. Police millage is set annually by the Township Board to cover police operations. This is a permanent millage. 

FIRE:  Canton Fire Department 3.8580  In a special election in 1975 voters approved a Special Assessment on the whole township to support a local fire department. Fire millage is set annually by the Township Board to cover fire and EMS operations. This is a permanent millage.

LIBRARY:  Canton Public Library 1.54370. In 1986, voters approved a permanent millage for library operations. Library millage rates are set by the Canton Library Board of Trustees. 

WCCC:  Wayne County Community College 3.24080 This tax is for WCCC operations, and appears on Van Buren and Wayne Westland school districts only.  1 mill is a permanent millage; 1.25 additional mills were approved by voters in 2008 through 2021, and in 2012 voters approved another 1 mill increase for 10 years. 

DIA:  Detroit Institute of Arts 0.2000. In August 2012 voters in the tri-county area approved this millage to support operations of the DIA. The millage is approved through 2022. 

DETROIT ZOO:  Wayne County Zoological Authority 0.1000  The zoo tax was approved by voters in 2008 for 10 years, and it supports operations and services for the Detroit Zoo benefiting the residents of the tri-county area. 

SOLID WASTE FEE:  Canton curbside rubbish, recycling and compost pick up service charges. Starting in 2015, the Canton Board of Trustees separated out the Solid Waste charges from the General Fund Budget. They then reduced the Operating millage for Canton by 1 mill and placed the Solid Waste Fee to cover the cost of curbside household solid waste removal. The cost per household is a fee, not a tax, and is the same for everyone. Canton Solid Waste costs have been historically included in the general fund budget. 

ADMINISTRATION FEE:  In 2012 Canton Township began charging Administration Fees of 1% of the net millage levied on real and personal property, excluding the mills for Police, Fire, and other Special Assessments and Solid Waste fees. The State tax law declares that communities “shall levy” an Administration Fee to offset costs associated with the administration and operations of the Assessing Department, defense of the integrity of the roll, tax levies and collections. 

There may be additional line items on your tax statement pertaining to special assessments.  Please call the Canton Treasurer’s Office if you have questions.