What are the replacement standards?
According to the ordinance, all replacement trees must:
  • Trees must meet both the American Association of Nursery Standards and the requirements of the State Department of Agriculture.
  • Trees must be nursery grown.
  • Trees must be guaranteed for 2 years, including labor to remove and dispose of dead material.
  • Trees must be replaced immediately after the removal of the dead tree, in accordance with the A.N.A. standards.
  • Trees must be of the same species as the removed trees. When replacement trees of the same species are not available from Michigan nurseries, the applicant may substitute any species listed in section four of the ordinance provided that shade trees are substituted with shade trees. Ornamental trees don’t have to be replaced with ornamental trees but it is encouraged where feasible.
  • Trees must be located on the same parcel of land on which the activity is to be conducted. Where tree relocation or replacement is not possible on the same property on which the activity is to be conducted, the permit grantee shall pay monies into the Canton Tree Fund for tree replacement within the township. These monies shall be equal to the per tree amount representing the current market value for the tree replacement that would have been otherwise required.

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