What are Land Use Exclusions?
In the early years of zoning and planning, certain communities attempted to totally exclude certain lawful uses from its boundaries. For instance, since multifamily dwellings sometimes have a disproportionate impact upon the infrastructure of a community, some communities have attempted to restrict their ordinances to single-family detached homes only. This type of exclusionary zoning has been prohibited. Townships do not have the authority to totally exclude from the township any specific lawful use. While apartment complexes, condominiums, industrial uses and commercial establishments might have a disparate impact upon a community, townships are without authority to totally exclude these uses.

The Township Zoning Act has a specific statutory provision which prohibits exclusionary zoning. Michigan courts have interpreted this statutory provision against municipalities by ruling that local government entities may not use its zoning ordinance to totally prohibit an otherwise lawful land use from the land contained within its boundaries where there is a demonstrated need for the land use in the municipality or surrounding area.

Accordingly, most communities adopt well reasoned master land use plans and zoning ordinances which provide for these uses in a manner that has the most positive effect on the community.

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