What is Invoice Cloud?

Invoice cloud is a web-based, electronic billing and payment services.   By automating these services, customers can click and pay online while helping the environment by reducing the need for paper.

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1. Why did Canton choose Invoice Cloud?
2. What is Invoice Cloud?
3. What are some of the benefits of paying a bill online?
4. Do I need to register to pay a bill?
5. What forms of payment does Invoice Cloud accept?
6. Is there a service fee?
7. Do I have to enter an email address to make a payment?
8. When I try to pay my bill, it asks for credit card info but I want to pay by electronic check.
9. What if I can’t find my bill:
10. I’m already signed up for eBills, will I have to sign up for paperless again in Invoice Cloud?
11. Will my Bank Draft information be migrated to Invoice Cloud?
12. Who has access to my Invoice Cloud account?
13. If I register for AutoPay with Invoice Cloud, how soon will my payments start processing?
14. What is the difference between AutoPay and a scheduled payment?
15. How do I enroll in auto pay?
16. Will I receive a confirmation email that my bill has been paid?
17. I forgot my Password, how do I access my account?
18. How will I know that my payment has been accepted?
19. How long does it take for a payment to process?
20. Will I be able to print a copy of my bill?
21. Is my information secure?