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Request for Public Records

  1. Additional Information

    For Additional Information refer to the Michigan Freedom of Information Act Questions/Comments Phone:734/394-5412 Fax: 734/394-5478

  2. Criminal History Checks and UD-10 Requests

    Criminal History Records and UD-10 Traffic Crash Reports are unavailable but can be purchase from the below listed sites.

  3. If submitting on behalf of a company

  4. Requestor Information

    Information for Person Making Request.

  5. Phone Number with area code

  6. Full Fax Number

  7. Explain Other Relationship

  8. Incident Report Number

  9. Explain Other Report Type Selection

  10. Describe the type of records that you are looking to receive

  11. Requested Name

    Name in Record Being Requested

  12. Date of Birth of Person in Report

  13. MM/DD/YY

  14. Specific Event to Which Record Refers

  15. Authority: 1976 PA 442; Compliance Voluntary

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